A new product: Will-Ceram Z

Back in Oct. 03,  I did my 1st zirconium frame restoration which happened to be 3M’s” Lava”. Since that day I have delivered a lot of zirc. framed cases w/ a high rate of success. The most difficult part of the process has been finding the right milling center since I don’t own a scanner. In that endeavor, I have found that a company located south of Atlanta, Ga. called Lab Solutions to be the best and most consistent in the business.

The most important part of an outsource lab relationship is having one that understands your design needs and the ability to treat your models w/ a little TLC. Lab Sol. fits that bill and after a short time of departure, I’m glad to be back. They now offer online viewing  which allows me to gain more input in case design. If your outsource lab is not offering this to you, then ask them why or try out Lab Sol. and experience the difference.

With all of this said, I can now talk about the new product we have added to the “all ceramic”  line called Will-Ceram Z. This is another one of the long list of zirconium materials available to labs and has an impressive and comparable strength of 900 to 1200 mpa. To me the most impressive feature is it’s price, which allows me to offer this product at $209.00  per unit. It is also allowing me to offer “all-ceramic” cases placed anywhere in the mouth whether it’s Empress, E-max or Zirconium framed all at the same price.

If your out there looking for a lab that can offer you a flat-rate price for your ceramics, I can think of no better reason to give us a try and experience the Pro Dental Arts difference.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. Mike     P.S. Even though I posted this on April 1st, It really is true.

mike - Owner of Pro Dental Arts

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