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3M Lava

Will-Ceram Z

Material Fusion zirconia. Lithium disilicate. Leucite-reinforced ceramic. Lava zirconia. Zirconia ceramics.
Recommended Use Single to long span bridges. Veneers or onlays to single posterior use. Laminate veneers, onlay/inlays, or full contour anterior crowns. Single units and bridges.
Advantages Blends well for all ceramic combination cases.

Lifetime warranty on frame.

Helps elliminate alloy charges on span bridges.

Can be bonded or conventionally cemented.

Can be layered for custom shades of full press contour.

Very strong restorations with strength > 400Mpa.

The tried and true tested material for all ceramic bonded crowns.

Blends well in oral cavity.

When you think about Zirconia, “Lava” is the brand name of choice.

Great for cementable ceramics.

Restoration strength approx. 1200Mpa.

Additional Information Visit the Espritdent website Visit the Emax website Visit the Empress website Visit the Lava website Website not available.
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